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52 Monologues - 52 Weeks


I've taken a lot of classes - on-camera, audition, improv, intro to biz, acting, advanced acting, meisner, etc. etc. I love training and the classroom experience but I wanted to also get more reps in on my own. After following the blog of a fellow improviser, Ryan Nallen, who challenged himself to 30 days of Improv Shows I had a desire to do something to challenge myself. I was improvising regularly, which meant I needed to push my memory and preparation skills. Thus, 52 Monos in 52 weeks. Every week I would read a new play or piece of material, choose a selection from the piece to make into a monologue, and memorize it. Then incoporate my acting choices and rehearse. On Monday I would shoot the Monologue as if it was an audition. No retakes. 1 shot from the time I hit record. I would then immediately comment on the piece, the process, and/or the results. You can watch the video below and see all 52 videos at