As an Actor...

“And I, I took the road less traveled by and that
has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost

"The Road Less Traveled" was the first thing I ever had to memorize and perform, back in 3rd Grade.

I am an accidental actor. It was not anything I ever set out to do, but when it presented itself (and continued to present itself) I realized it was something I had been missing the entire time.

After college I spent a year as a Missionary with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries at LSU, speaking regularly to small groups and at a weekly service to a couple hundred students. I loved finding entertaining and interesting ways to present scripture that created an emotional impact in the group. Laughter. Tears. Anger. Passion. They were all equally welcome as long as what was being presented caused reaction and change.

I have carried that experience into my acting. I want to tell stories that incite change in people. Whether it’s a brief spike of adrenaline during an action sequence or drama that stirs up a long dormant question in the subconscious. Laughter is of course the highest form of praise.

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Second City

Adam is a graduate of the Conservatory program at Second City (Chicago). Along with Improvisation, he studied Meisner at Black Box Acting Studio.

Best actor Nomination

Adam was nominated for Best Actor at the New York Macabre Film Fest for his performance as Victor Frankenstein in "Frankenstein: Day of the Beast".


Adam made his New Orleans stage Premiere in "Deathtrap" at Shadowbox Theater. He performs improv regularly with Comedy Sportz NOLA and Sketchy Characters.